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    1. LITE-ON IT Controlled Substances Specification (9713100001) 

    With regard to the "Controlled Substances" contained in the parts and devices employed in LITE-ON IT ODD, Home-used multimedia products and Solid State Drive (SSD), this Standard 
    clarifies (1) banned substances, (2) substances to be phased out, (3) exempted substances (4) reportable substances and their uses, in order to realize the following aims and objectives: 

    1) To prevent the above-mentioned substances from being used for LITE-ON IT ODD and Home-used multimedia products; 
    2) To comply with related laws, regulations and customers requirements; 
    3) To contribute to the preservation of the global environment; and 
    4) To reduce the influence of the above substances upon the ecosystem. 

    URL: http://gsm.liteonit.com.tw:8080/doc/environment/9713100001.pdf 

    2. LITE-ON IT Halogen Free (HF) Specification (9713100002) 

    This spec is aimed to comply with the halogen-free requirement of customers. 

    URL: http://gsm.liteonit.com.tw:8080/doc/environment/9713100002.pdf 

    3. LITE-ON IT Sourcing Policy for Conflict Mineral   

    To comply with “Dodd-Frank Act” and to file disclosures and reports related to the use of Conflict Minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) in the products, 
    supplier shall acknowledge the followings URLs and do necessary actions: 

    LOIT Sourcing Policy for Conflict Mineral: http://gsm.liteonit.com.tw:8080/doc/environment/LOIT_Sourcing_Policy_for_Conflict_Mineral.doc  
    EICC Survey Form: http://www.conflictfreesmelter.org/ConflictMineralsReportingTemplateDashboard.htm